*B.M car rental's S.O.P*
During the Pre -booking
1. Make your online booking at www.bmcarrental.com
2. Make an online payment of RM100 (for each car booked) for security deposit once u had the confirmation e-mail from us. 
Big Mommas Enterprise
Maybank : 5647-6230-3900
Note: Bookings will not be secured if no payments (with proof at reservation@bmcarrental.com) received, within 24 hrs of booking made. 
Upon collection
3. Check the car's condition.  Sign the rental agreement. Full payment of the rental to be made by cash. (Make sure you understand the terms and condition before signing the agreement?
Upon returning
4. Please make sure you arrive at the specified place and time to avoid any charges. 
a. Extra hours at RM20/hour
b. RM20/bar/car of the fuel indicator if lesser amount return.
c. RM 30 will be charged next to any summones ticket  received.
The RM100 deposit will be refunded in full if the mention above is followed.


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